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Stop Eating Chicken Sandwiches So Often

Now that the obsession over the Popeye’s chicken sandwich is FINALLY OVER we can move onto more important topics: such as is eating chicken sandwiches often good for you?

I love my chicken sandwiches crispy or grilled. Many restaurants are starting to offer really spicy fried chicken sandwiches so we wondered if eating chicken so often is healthy.

We’re not doctors but according to the WHO and many studies, eating red meat is carcinogenic to our health so there’s gotta be other alternatives to getting our protein without dipping solely into plant-based.¬†Although chicken is a great alternative, some of the fried chicken sandwiches are no better for you than red meat. Depending on the oil used, you can introduce many different things to your body that may not be helpful.

So our advice? Don’t Eat Chicken Sandwiches So Often! You could also eat grilled chicken sandwiches instead just try and stay away from the crispy ones so darn often.

Thanks Jane44 for your submission!

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