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Is having my phone in my pocket all day good or bad?

Maybe you should reconsider.

According to various studies, having your phone in your pocket or nearby can have negative consequences. We are only beginning to learn the effects of the presence of cell phones and these 3 show it is not looking good.

Lowers Sperm production:

According to research by the Cleveland Clinic, having your phone in your pocket for too long could be killing sperm cells in men and who knows what else for all genders.

When you walk around the grocery store your phone is usually in your pocket. So if you are shopping for 20 minutes that means your phone has been next to your junk for 20 minutes. And the problem is we just don’t know the full ramifications of that.


Reduces Brain Power:

One study out of the University of Texas suggests “The Mere Presence of Your Smartphone Reduces Brain Power”. Their study suggests that just by having your phone nearby (even off) can lower your cognitive capacity.



Research shows the mere presence of having your phone can be distracting.

According to the study,

Results of two studies reported here provide further evidence that the “mere presence” of a cell phone may be sufficiently distracting to produce diminished attention and deficits in task-performance, especially for tasks with greater attentional and cognitive demands.


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1 Comment

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