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4 Ways to Safely Sell Your Old Stuff Online (2020)

Selling online these days is super easy. You simply take a photo, post it, and get your money. But what are the safest ways of doing so without getting scammed or taken advantage of?

According to a recent study, many people selling their old laptops, computers, and mobile devices are not properly erasing everything before they sell it, thus leading to potential identity or financial theft.

Our 4 safety tips to ensuring you are selling your old stuff online will help with the next time you decide to sell something over the Internet.

Safety tip #1:
Never go alone to a meet-up. Try and take someone with you if possible!

Safety tip #2:
Always meet in a public location (such as a Starbucks).

Safety tip #3:
If you are selling an old computer, laptop, phone, or tablet, make sure to do the proper erasing of old information, otherwise that information could be recovered.

Safety tip #4
Finally, always make sure you are not dealing with a scam. If they even mention the word Gift Cards that should be a red flag to you.

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